Burditt Years - Phase II (2006-2008)

Brian BurdittFrom August 2006 until April 2008, former bandmaster Brian Burditt resumed leadership of the Canadian Staff Band, although under somewhat different circumstances. Recognizing the need for interim leadership during a period of transition, he agreed to lead the band in addition to his full-time job as director of world missions for the Canada and Bermuda Territory until a permanent bandmaster could be found.

Under Brian’s second term of leadership, the CSB visited Southern California in December 2006 for the 2007 Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena. Later that year, they were also a big part of Celebration 125, the territory’s 125th anniversary celebrations in Winnipeg in June. The band also undertook a major overseas visit with its 10-day trip to Mexico City in March 2008, where they ran a territorial music school and were featured in events throughout Easter weekend. All of this in addition to regular corps engagements and the usual Christmas events in Toronto.

During this period the band continued its ongoing ministry through a number of extra projects, most notably the contribution of instruments for beginners’ bands throughout the territory, thanks to the generous support of Yamaha Canada, and the donation of instruments to Army bands in developing countries around the world. In addition, under the direction of CSB alumnus Major Ted Kimmins, the groundwork began for a special CSB endowment fund. When fully realized, this will make the band self-sufficient for years to come and allow it to visit smaller centres throughout the territory that could not otherwise afford to host it for a weekend engagement.

One final project, an international recording entitled Windows of the World, also came to fruition under Bandmaster Burditt's leadership. The four-CD set features contributions from staff music sections and other territorial groups from around the Army world and is the first such recording in Army history. Born out of Brian’s intense passion for world missions, this project marks the fulfilment of a dream he first had when leading the CSB several years ago. Proceeds from all sales benefit the Army’s work in developing countries around the world.